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Zaedyus Phylogenetic tree of the living Xenarthra. The two orders of Xenarthra split 66 million years ago Mya anteater pénisz the Late Cretaceous epoch. Anteaters and sloths diverged around 55 Mya, between the Paleocene and Eocene epochs.

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The Cyclopes lineage emerged around 30 Mya in the Oligocene epoch, while the Myrmecophaga and Tamandua lineages split 10 Mya in the Late Miocene subepoch. Following the formation of the Isthmus of Panama masszázs erekció kiváltására 3 Mya, anteaters of all three extant genera invaded Central America as part of the Great American Interchange.

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Protamandua did not appear to have feet specialized for terrestrial or arboreal locomotion, but it may have had a prehensile tail. Neotamandua, though, is unlikely to have had a prehensile tail and its feet were intermediate in form between those of the tamanduas and the giant anteater.

Hirschfeld in Its ancestors may originally have been adapted to arboreal life; [10] the transition to life on the ground could have been aided by the expansion of open habitats such as savanna in South America and the availability there of colonial insectssuch as termites, that provided a larger potential food source.

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Both the giant anteater and the southern tamandua are well represented in the fossil record of the late Pleistocene and early Holocene. Males weigh 33 to 50 kg 73 to lb and females weigh 27 to 47 kg 60 to lb[5] [15] [16] making the giant anteater the biggest extant species in its suborder.

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The head of the giant anteater, at 30 cm 12 in long, [17] is particularly elongated, even when compared to other anteaters. Its eyes and ears are relatively small.

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The coat is mostly greyish, brown or black and salted with white. The forelimbs are white, with black bands around the wrists, while the hindlimbs are dark. Thick black bands with white outlines stretch from throat to shoulder, ending in triangular points. The body ends in a brown tail.

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The coat hairs are long, especially on the tail, which makes the tail look larger than it actually is. A stiff mane stretches along the back.

The penis and testes are located internally between the rectum and urinary bladder in males, and females have a single pair of mammary glands near the armpits.

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Despite its specific name, tridactyla, meaning three fingers, it has five toes on each foot. Four toes on the front feet have claws, which are particularly elongated on the second and third digits.

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Doing this allows the giant anteater to keep its claws out of the way while walking. The middle digits, which support most of its weight, are extended at the metacarpophalangeal joints and bent at the interphalangeal joints. It relies on the rotation of the two halves of its lower jaw, held together by a ligament at the tip, [18] to open and close its mouth.

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This is accomplished by anteater pénisz masticatory muscles[26] which are relatively underdeveloped. It is typically 60 cm 24 in [5] long and is triangular posteriorly, rounded anteater pénisz, and ends in a small, rounded tip.

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The tube-like rostrum and small mouth opening restrict the tongue to protrusion-retraction movements. During feeding, the animal relies on the orientation of its head for aim. The tongue can reach up to 45 cm 18 inlonger than the length of the skull, and move in and out around times per minute nearly three times per second.

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When retracted, the tongue is held in the oropharynx by the secondary palatepreventing it from blocking respiration. The digestive process is assisted by small amounts of ingested sand and soil. Its known range stretches from Honduras to northern Argentina, and fossil remains have been found as far north as northwestern SonoraMexico.

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The giant anteater is commonly hunted in Bolivia, both for sport and sustenance. The animal's thick, leathery hide is used to make equestrian equipment in the Chaco.

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In Venezuela, it is hunted for its claws. The giant anteater remains widespread. Some populations are stable and the animal is found in various protected areas in the AmazonPantanal and the Cerrado. A study of giant anteaters in the Brazilian Pantanal found the animals generally forage anteater pénisz open areas and rest in forested areas, possibly because forests are warmer than grasslands on cold days and cooler on hot days.